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There is a saying, "If I ask you to look after my dog, know that this will be the biggest compliment I will give you." Well we all love our pets. But for Blair and I, our beagles are our greatest love. They are our family. So finding that special someone to look after our girls for us was an extremely important walk undertaking. Well we found that special someone when we found "Auntie Maggie". Maggie started looking after our girls five years ago when we lived in Fonthill. We needed someone to spend time with them while we were at work and also to help me walk them as I couldn't three by myself! If you know beagles, you know they have a mind and nose of their own!! Maggie has been great!!! Holly, Lucie and Emma just love their Auntie Maggie. Seeing how much my girls love her says it all for me. Now that I am retired, I still keep in touch with Maggie and she continues to look after our girls when we need to be away for any period of time or take a vacation. In fact, we only go on vacation when we know that Maggie is available to come and live at our house and take wonderful care of our girls. I'm so glad that we me Maggie and have her in our lives!!

Lynne, Blair, Holly, Lucie & Emma

Maggie has been an invaluable addition to our family. I always tell everyone that she is the Mary Poppins of dogs. She knows just what our girls need and looks after them and loves them as if they were her own. She really has become a part of our family now and there is no one that we trust more to look after our girls than Maggie.

The Gormans